Structures of ribosomes from different species

2011-12-30T14:12:22Z (GMT) by Joachim Frank

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Taken from "Toward an understanding of the structural basis of translation"

Genome Biology 2003;4(12):237-237.

Published online 19 Nov 2003


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The small subunit is on the left. X-ray structure of the 70S ribosome []. Cryo-EM map of the 70S ribosome []. Cryo-EM map of the yeast 80S ribosome []. Expansion regions are darker. The dashed line indicates a flat surface that suggests eukaryotic specialization of 60S subunit for association with a planar membrane. Cryo-EM map of the mammalian mitochondrial ribosome []. Reproduced with permission from (a) [], (b) [], (c) [] and (d) [].



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