Structural and metallogenic map of late Variscan Arbus Pluton (SW Sardinia, Italy)


This paper presents the geological, structural and metallogenic map of the Arbus Pluton, a late Variscan composite intrusion belonging to the Corsica-Sardinia Batholith. The pluton is surrounded and crosscut by a wide variety of vein ore deposits. The Arbus Pluton was emplaced at shallow crustal levels at the end of the Variscan Orogeny, along an E–W trending shear zone located in the low-grade external nappe pile of the Sardinian basement. The architecture of the pluton is roughly concentric with a core of cordierite-bearing leucogranites and an outer shell composed of pyroxene-bearing and hornblende granodiorites. New U/Pb dating on zircons of granodiorite yields an emplacement age of 303.7 ± 1.1 which improves previous Rb/Sr and Ar/Ar dating. The map has been compiled on the basis of new geological/structural surveys and petrographical studies coupled with in situ gamma ray spectrometry. All the data-sets have been processed using a geographical information system.