Structural and Magnetic Properties of Duplex Stainless steel (UNS S31803) Powders Obtained by high Energy Milling of Chips with Additions of NbC

In this study, the high energy mechanical milling was utilized to the production of duplex stainless steel powders from the recycling chips with and without the addition niobium carbide. The effect of milling time and addition carbide on the morphology, particle size and magnetic properties of the powders was investigated. The utilization of the powder metallurgy constitute an important alternative for the reuse of waste in the industrial sector. The milling was realized using a planetary ball mill for 20 hours at a milling speed of 350 rpm and ball-to-powder weight ratio of 15:1were used, and the (0% and 3 wt. %) niobium carbide (NbC) addition. Scanning electron microscopy and particle distribution analysis were used for characterization of morphology and measure of particle size. Also, to analyze the transformations of phases were investigated using the magnetic characterization and x-ray diffraction. The results indicated that the addition of niobium carbide results in the reduction of the particle size of steel of the order of 20%, besides the reduces the transformation of austenite into strain induced martensitic phase.