Strengthening Mg by self-dispersed nano-lamellar faults

Here, we show the strategies to strengthen Mg alloys through modifying the matrix by planar faults and optimizing the local lattice strain by solute atoms. The anomalous shifts of the local phonon density of state of stacking faults (SFs) and long periodic stacking-ordered structures (LPSOs) toward the high-frequency mode are revealed by HCP-FCC transformation, resulting in the increase of vibrational entropy and the decrease of free energy to stabilize the SFs and LPSOs. Through integrating bonding charge density and electronic density of states, electronic redistributions are applied to reveal the electronic basis for the ‘strengthening’ of Mg alloys.


Through integrating the bonding charge density, the phonon and electronic density of states, this work provides an atomic and electronic insight into the strengthening mechanism of Mg alloys.