Stinging the Predators: A collection of papers that should never have been published

2017-08-07T17:59:37Z (GMT) by Zen Faulkes
This ebook collects academic papers and conference abstracts that were meant to be so terrible that nobody in their right mind would publishable them. All were submitted to journals to expose weak or non-existent peer review and other exploitative practices. Each paper has a brief introduction. Short essays round out the collection.<br><br>169 pages (version 3.1).<br><br>Version 1.0 released 26 July 2017.<br>Version 2.0 released 28 July 2017 (two new entries).<br>Version 3.0 released 31 July 2017 (two new entries).<br>Version 3.1 released 7 August 2017 (error corrected).