Spectral and time domain optical coherence tomography images before and after correction for patients with age-related macular degeneration

<p>ID: ID for each study eye</p> <p>Gender: 1 = Female; 2 = Male</p> <p>Study_Eye: 1=OD; 2=OS</p> <p>Diagnosis: Diagnosis of Non-neovascular AMD (NNV-AMD) or Neovascular AMD (NV-AMD)</p> <p>Diagnosis_Code: 1 = NV-AMD; 2= NNV-AMD</p> <p>Each subfield column is broken down into three parts. For example: (SP)[cs]{1}</p> <p>( ) -The machine the image was taken on: Sp = Spectralis; C = Cirrus; S = Stratus.</p> <p>[ ] -The subfield of the image based on the ETDRS grid. CS = Central 1mm; NS = Inner nasal; SS = Inner superior; TS = Inner temporal; IS = Inner inferior; N2S = Outer nasal; S2S = Outer superior; T2S = Outer temporal; I2S = Outer inferior.</p> <p>{ } – The image number. 1 and 2 represents either the first or the second image before correction. 3 and 4 are the same images after manual correction, respectively.</p>