Spatial risk assessment of hydrological extremities: Inland excess water hazard, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, Hungary

<p>Inland excess water hazard was regionalized and digitally mapped using auxiliary spatial environmental information for a county in Eastern Hungary. Quantified parameters representing the effect of soil, geology, groundwater, land use and hydrometeorology on the formulation of inland excess water were defined and spatially explicitly derived. The complex role of relief was characterized using multiple derivatives computed from a DEM. Legacy maps displaying inland excess water events were used as a reference dataset. Regression kriging was applied for spatial inference with the correlation between environmental factors and inundation determined using multiple linear regressions. A stochastic factor derived through kriging the residual was added to the regression results, thus producing the final inundation hazard map. This may be of use for numerous land-related activities.</p>