Smoking among adolescents in Russia in comparison with other countries of central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union

2012-07-07T14:00:54Z (GMT) by Tatiana Andreeva Anna Tokar
<p>Andreeva, T. (2011). "Studies in the field of tobacco control: what kind they are and what they are for? Examples from Kazan." Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe 1(1): 1-10.</p> <p>The paper reviews approaches expected to be helpful for researchers involved in tobacco control studies. Classifications of studies are discussed starting from most general ones and related to any studies in the field of health sciences and ending with more specific for tobacco control. Part of the paper is devoted to structuring study data and building its design, including outcome measures, determinants, confounders, effect measure modifiers and mediators. Significant place is devoted to evaluative studies. Examples mostly come from the papers of Kazan authors presented at the first and second conferences ‘Health of Kazan-city dwellers and tobacco’ and other sources the author relies on. </p> <p><br>Key words: tobacco control, study model, study design, evaluative studies, outcome measures, determinants, confounders, effect measure modifiers, mediators. </p>