Size and vigor of Anadenanthera colubrina (Vell.) Brenan seeds harvested in Caatinga areas

Abstract: Angico is a species found in several environments in Brazil, with several applications. It is used in the timber industry and mainly in folk medicine. In order to verify a variation in the biometric characteristics and the quality of seeds from different mother-plants in different harvesting years, the following variables were studied: moisture content, diameter, density, electrical conductivity, fresh and dry matter of seedlings, germination percentage and kinetics, in a completely randomized design with a 2x3 factorial arrangement (lots x size). The obtained results showed that angico seeds from different lots showed different physiological quality, possibly due to the climate variations to which mother-plants were submitted in the different years. Seed size directly interferes with seedling growth under both controlled and greenhouse conditions, and it can be used as a vigor indicator for angico seeds.