Sinopse do gênero Jacquemontia Choisy (Convolvulaceae) no Estado de São Paulo, Brasil: notas nomenclaturais, taxonômicas e geográficas

ABSTRACT (Synopsis of the genus Jacquemontia Choisy (Convolvulaceae) in São Paulo State, Brazil: nomenclatural, taxonomic and geographical notes). This taxonomic study is part of the project “Flora Fanerogâmica do Estado de São Paulo”. In São Paulo State, Jacquemontia is represented by 14 species and two varieties. These species can be distinguished mainly through their habit, type of trichomes, inflorescences and sepals. Identification key, illustrations, photographs, synonymy, typification, geographical distribution, taxonomic comments, and conservation status are presented for all the studied species. Additionally, eight lectotypes and two neotypes are proposed. Finally, we classified one species as presumably extinct, one as vulnerable, and one as near threatened in São Paulo State.