Significant impact of exercise and exercise-by-genotype differences in expression of mitochondrial genes.

<p>Data from Study B. Within a graph, bars identified with different letters are statistically different from each other at p<0.05. A. With exercise, four of the assayed genes showed a significant decrease in expression level, while five genes showed a significant increase. * indicates a significant effect of exercise at p<0.05 as determined by a <i>post hoc</i> student's t-test. B. The absolute amount of mRNA in three of the genes showed genotype-specific effects, with line 380 showing the most distinct pattern. For each gene, different letters indicate statistically significant differences by t-test at p<0.05, <i>i</i>.<i>e</i>. for MFN1, exercised flies from 380 differ from the other three groups. C-control; E-exercised.</p>