Shanghai Literary and Debating Society, "Bimetallism: Full Report on the Debate on the Question of Bimetallism on Tuesday, 28th March, 1893"

2019-04-15T12:52:15Z (GMT) by Michael Schiltz
"On Tuesday night (28th March, 1893), an open debate held in the Royal Asiatic Society's Room under the auspices Of the L. and D. Society, Mr. Goo. Jamieson, the President, occupying chair. The subject of discussion was: Would the adoption of Bimetallism by a considerable number of nations give stability to the exchanges between gold and silver using countries and would it otherwise be generally advantageous." Mr. F. Anderson took the affirmative and Mr. J. Morrison the negative."

Courtesy of the Toyo Bunko Library.



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