Sequence variability of raspberry vein chlorosis virus (RVCV).

(a) Multiple alignment of the amino acid sequences of a fragment of the L polymerase from seven RVCV isolates sequenced in this study and the previously published RVCV sequence (database number FN812699) from Scotland. Amino acids that differ from those of FN812699 are marked by alphabets, and identical amino acids are indicated by dots. The aligned region corresponds to amino acids 89–363 of FN812699. (b) Phylogenetic comparison of the L polymerase encoding region (827 nucleotides) of seven Finnish RVCV isolates and the previously described RVCV (FN812699). Alfalfa dwarf virus (KP205452) was included to root the phylogenetic tree. Numbers at branches represent bootstrap values of 1000 replicates. Isolates RVCV-14, RVCV-9-4 and RVCV-13, as well as isolates RVCV-10, RVCV-9-3 and RVCV-8, were identical.