Sensitivity of neurofibroma and MPNST cell lines to doxorubucin.

<p>(<b>A</b>) An <i>in vitro</i> cytotoxicity assay (SRB assay) was used to determine IC<sub>50</sub> values (ng/ml) for doxorubucin of neurofibroma and MPNST cell lines after a 48h exposure to the drug. Graphs show cell viability as a function of doxorubucin concentration. Depicted is the average viability (n = 4) of a representative experiment. (<b>B</b>) Listing of calculated IC<sub>50</sub> values and correlation plot, with TOP2A protein expression levels on the Y-axis and IC<sub>50</sub> values for doxorubicin on the X-axis. Pearson correlation coefficient is depicted in the graph.</p>