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Selamatkan Perkawinanmu, Selamatkan Bahasamu: Catatan mengenai Dampak Positif Perkawinan Endogami terhadap Bahasa Masyarakat Keturunan Arab di Pasarkliwon Surakarta

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posted on 08.06.2018 by Eric Kunto Aribowo
This paper is a study of Arab descent in Indonesia which their identity is represented through kinship and marriage. What is interesting is that in the case of marriage, they adopted the endogamy marriage system’s –where marriage is only performed in the same descent, more precisely Arab descent. The consequences of this marriage can be briefly observed in Arabic as the language choice (where Arabis as minority language) in a sermon ritual of marriage, ijāb-qabūl agreement, until the naming of their children. In fact, as a result of the endogamy marriage makes the Arabic is still spoken among the Arab descent in Indonesia hitherto. This illustration may be able to provide a appropriate prototype in language maintenance efforts through marriage.