Seed metabolite profiling of <i>Vicia</i> species from China via GC-MS

<p>In this study, we examined <i>Vicia</i> seeds using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The metabolic differences of seeds of twelve <i>Vicia</i> species were assessed. 184 metabolites were identified. <i>Vicia</i> species were classified via multivariate data analyses into four clusters. <i>V. unijuga</i> was most enriched in fatty acids and anthraquinones contents while highest levels of amino acids, alcohols and phenolic were in <i>V. costata.</i> Clustering analysis of biochemical profiles matched with the pervious phenotypic observation with all examined species from section Cracca grouped together under one sub-cluster, except for <i>V. costata.</i></p>