Scientific production on housing for autonomous elderly persons: an integrative literature review

<div><p>Abstract Objective: To analyze Brazilian scientific production on housing for autonomous elderly persons. Method: A descriptive, analytical integrative review type study was carried out. The following guiding question was defined: what is the Brazilian scientific production relating to housing for autonomous elderly persons in indexed on-line periodicals from 2000 to 2015? Results: Thirty-three articles were identified in total, of which only 13 met the inclusion criterion. Using the Content Analysis technique, the following categories were formed: Modalities of housing for the elderly; Public housing policies for the elderly and Housing and quality of life. Conclusion: Most of the studies discussed types of housing for the elderly, falling into the category "Modalities of housing for the elderly", and identifying a tendency towards one-person dwellings. In relation to the category "Public housing policies for the elderly", the articles reflected on the rights and the guarantees of the elderly in relation to a suitable home. The "Housing and quality of life" category aimed to compare the quality of life of elderly people living alone or with a partner, as well as their perception of exclusive condominium developments for this population. There is a need for research on the issue in question, since there is an increase in the number of elderly people without housing, making it necessary for the state to meet this demand.</p></div>