SciGaP: NSF SI2 2018 PI Meeting Lightning Talk

2018-04-23T18:21:30Z (GMT) by Marlon Pierce Suresh Marru
<p>Science Gateways are virtual environments that dramatically accelerate scientific discovery by enabling scientific communities to utilize distributed computational and data resources (that is, cyberinfrastructure). Successful Science Gateways provide access to sophisticated and powerful resources, while shielding their users from the resources’ complexities. </p><p>In SciGaP, we assume that gateway developers understand their user communities and know the scientific capabilities that they want to provide. Underlying these specific gateway design features are generalized services for managing applications and workflows running on remote supercomputers, as well as other services. SciGaP is a hosted service with a public API that gateways can use to outsource these general capabilities. Gateway developers can thus concentrate their efforts on building their scientific communities and not worry about operations. We depict this goal in the image below.</p>