Schematic overview of the models used for simulation.

<p>(<i>A</i>) Detailed scheme of the modeled metabolic pathways. The numbered arrows correspond to reactions from <a href="" target="_blank">Table 1</a>. Extensions to the original model of glycolysis are indicated by colored shapes. Boundary metabolites are in bold, glycosomal Rib-5-P is a boundary metabolite in model C and D. (<i>B</i>) Schematic overview of the different models, each consisting of a unique combination of the colored modules described in (<i>A</i>) and <a href="" target="_blank">Table 1</a>. Model C and D can alternatively utilize fructose (model C<sup>fru</sup> and D<sup>fru</sup>), but this branch is switched off unless specifically mentioned.</p>




CC BY 4.0