Scanning electron microscopy images of platelets stimulated by collagen in the presence of licochalcones.

<p>Platelets were incubated with collagen (3 μg/ml) for 3 min in the presence or absence of licochalcones (100 μM), then fixed overnight with 1% glutaraldehyde. The samples were washed twice for 5 min with PBS. The fixed platelets were dehydrated with ethanol and t-butyl alcohol, and after the samples were freeze-dried and coated with Au/Pd, they were observed under a scanning electron microscope. <b>(A)</b> Unstimulated platelets, <b>(B)</b> collagen (3 μg/ml), <b>(C)</b> licochalcone A (100 μM) +collagen, <b>(D)</b> licochalcone C (100 μM) +collagen and <b>(E)</b> licochalcone D (100 μM) +collagen. (Magnification: 7000×, bar = 5 μm).</p>