Samuel Harden, Deacon of Defense, recalls death of Anne Moody’s uncle, Clifton Walker

2017-10-13T02:40:29Z (GMT) by Roscoe Barnes III
<div>#AnneMoody </div><div><br></div><div>This blog post presents a snapshot (in words and pictures) of Mr. Samuel Harden, who served as a Deacon of Defense and Justice during the civil rights movement in southwest Mississippi. In this brief profile, he talks about the death of Anne Moody's uncle, Clifton Walker, who was murdered by the KKK in February 1964. The date of Walker's death is listed as 2/28 by some reports and 2/29 by others. Moody, author of <i><b>Coming of Age in Mississippi</b></i>, felt responsible for his death, believing it was retaliation for her work as a civil rights activist. </div><div><br></div>