SYNDICALISM ADJUSTED TO THE NEOLIBERALISM: the steel workers of the southern region of Rio de Janeiro state

2017-05-01T02:41:01Z (GMT) by Gustavo Bezerra
<p></p><p>This study investigated the path of the Metallurgical Trade Union of the Southern region of Rio de Janeiro State in a period of accomplishments, which allowed us to verify the adoption of neoliberal patterns of behavior even in the absence of precariousness processes. This article presents a trade union scenario marked by combativeness and by being active in the public scene of the region, but also corrupted by skepticism about any interregional and inter trade union action. It is a powerful union in terms of direct representation of its affiliates, but it naturalizes its competitive bias against other regions and unions. A central hypothesis in this study was that trade union action had been strongly reconfigured by two factors: the environment of capital mobility and the process of neoliberal normalization of the ways of governing the territory. Empirical evidence was collected from interviews with trade union leaders, academic productions about the region, union bulletins and journalistic material.</p><p></p>