SI2-SSI (2018): Collaborative Research: A Software Infrastructure for MPI Performance Engineering: Integrating MVAPICH and TAU via the MPI Tools Interface

<div>This research aims to create an open source</div><div>integrated software infrastructure built on the</div><div>MPI_T interface which defines the API for</div><div>interaction and information interchange to enable</div><div>fine grained performance optimizations for HPC</div><div>applications. The challenges addressed by the</div><div>project include: 1) enhancing existing support for</div><div>MPI_T in MVAPICH to expose a richer set of</div><div>performance and control variables; 2) redesigning</div><div>TAU to take advantage of the new MPI_T variables</div><div>exposed by MVAPICH; 3) extending and enhancing TAU</div><div>and MVAPICH with the ability to generate</div><div>recommendations and performance engineering</div><div>reports; 4) proposing fundamental design changes</div><div>to make MPI libraries like MVAPICH</div><div>"reconfigurable" at runtime; and 5) adding support</div><div>to MVAPICH and TAU for interactive performance</div><div>engineering sessions.</div>