Revealing the three-dimensional geometry of tephra horizons found within soft sediment deposits

<p>The work was supported by the Advanced Imaging of Materials (AIM) facility (EPSRC Grant No. EP/M028267/1), the European Social Fund (ESF) through the European Union’s Convergence programme administered by the Welsh Government, the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government (80708) and the Ser Solar project via Welsh Government. In addition, the authors acknowledge collaboration with Carl Zeiss AG and Dr habil. Sabine Wulf and the GeoForschungsZentrum, Helmholtz Zentrum, Potsdam; and the following grant funding which supported this work: Swansea University PhD scholarship programme; and the TRACE project ERC Independent Starting Grant (Project no. 259253). The presenting author would also like to particularly acknowledge her co-author Dr Abbott for furnishing her with several data-sets and samples which aided this research.</p>