Representative examples of the described plant communities developed on floodplains and lake terraces in the Eastern Pamir.

<p>(A) salt marshes dominated by <i>Blysmus rufus</i>; (B) saline small sedge meadows dominated by <i>Carex orbicularis</i> and <i>Carex microglochin</i>; (C) grasslands with <i>Hordeum brevisubulatum</i> and <i>Puccinellia</i> species; (D) saline meadows with <i>Kobresia royleana</i> and <i>Primula pamirica</i>; (E) xerohalophytic vegetation with <i>Krascheninnikovia ceratoides</i> and <i>Polygonum sibiricum var</i>. <i>thomsonii</i>, (F) mosaic of plant communities on the terraces around Rangkul lake.</p>