Report for Jisc Collections on Total Cost of Ownership Project: Data Capture and Process

<p>Information Power Ltd (IPL) were contracted to undertake a data collection exercise during March and April 2014 in order to obtain real data for Jisc Collections to input into their modelling tool for publisher negotiations for Total Cost of Ownership (TCoO). During the data collection exercise a number of issues arose which were felt significant enough for Jisc and Jisc Collections to ask for further feedback on the data collection and the processes. It must be remembered that the briefing for this specific project was data collection for the sole purpose of Jisc Collections negotiations, but the comments on the report extend beyond that specific data requirement. This report gives brief details of the main issues that arose regarding both the data collection and comments from HEIs participating in the project.</p> <p>The authors of the report are Hazel Woodward and Helen Henderson.</p> <p>Aggregated data from the project is available at:</p> <p>Other outputs which are available on figshare have all been tagged with 'Jisc Collections'</p>