Reef habitat differs immediately inside vs. outside MPAs.

2017-02-06T18:55:47Z (GMT) by Cody S. Clements Mark E. Hay
<p>Comparisons of benthic cover (mean % ± SE) 20 m inside (black) and 20 m outside (gray) of MPA borders perpendicular to the coastline at Namada, Vatu-o-lalai, and Votua villages (<i>n</i> = 20 transects border<sup>-1</sup> location<sup>-1</sup>). The category “Other” includes dead coral, rock, rubble/sand, and uncommon benthic organisms (e.g., zooanthids, soft coral). Asterisks after <i>p</i>-values indicate comparisons analyzed with quasi-GLM models.</p>