Red Ear Syndrome preceding Multiple Sclerosis: A Novel Correlation

Abstract: Red Ear Syndrome (RES) is a rare condition, first described in 1994 by Lance. It is characterized by burning pain, warmth, and erythema of the auricle. Here, we report the case of a young woman who manifested symptoms of red ear syndrome 3 years prior to those of multiple sclerosis (MS). She also had a history of episodic infrequent migraine and anxiety disorder. Association of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) with Red Ear Syndrome is hitherto unreported. We propose the involvement of Neuropeptide Y (NPY), or a dysfunction thereof, as the underlying pathophysiological mechanism to explain the concurrence of MS and RES, along with other presenting co-morbidities.

Summary: Proposing the association of multiple sclerosis with red ear syndrome and involvement of Neuropeptide Y.