Radio telescope construction for analysis of 12 GHz solar microwaves

2017-11-29T11:21:09Z (GMT) by César Hipolito Pinto Norberto Aranha

This work deals the construction of a radio telescope, its characteristics and functioning. All the equipment, materials, software and adjustments necessary are specified step by step for the analysis of solar microwaves at the 12 GHz frequency. In the prototype construction, materials of easy acquisition and relatively low cost were used in order to have an affordable and versatile equipment. For the adjustments and calibration of the assembled prototype, the radiation emitted by a fluorescent lamp was measured in a closed environment. In the second test the measurement of the solar transit was made. The equipment showed up to be easy to assemble and calibration, allowing its use in the classroom, laboratory and in open environments for the detection of solar radiation and other celestial bodies, as well as for the discussion of different physical concepts.