RRJ Thompson et al. 2017 - stickleback Cognitive Bias data

2017-06-29T14:35:17Z (GMT) by Ralph Thompson Mike Mendl
Data for Thompson et al. (2017) 'Net handling leaves fish ‘bold’ but not ‘optimistic’ in a novel spatial test of cognitive bias in fish' are given in the file 'Thompson et al 2017 - Stickleback Cognitive Bias Data.xlsx' as follows:

The total latency to reach the feeding tube is in the top table, the latency to leave the start box is in the bottom table.

Column B gives the fish ID.
Column C gives the order of testing (B = box; N = net)
Column D gives the side of the test tank that was rewarded (Left/Right)
Columns E to P give the latencies for each trial following box handling (in seconds)
Columns Q to AB give the latencies for each trial following net handling (in seconds)
[Unrew = trained unrewarded location]
Latencies were recorded from video files by a research assistant not involved in practical experimentation and blind to treatment

Ethical approved granted by the University of Bristol (University Investigation Number: UB/10/020)

Contact for lead author: