RIT HLA-B allotypes are more resistant to TAP inhibition than non-RIT HLA-B allotypes.

<p>(A and B) CEM cells or (C and D) K562 cells expressing different exogenous HLA-B allotypes were infected with a HA-tagged BNLF2a-encoding retrovirus or retrovirus lacking BNLF2a (vector). BNLF2a expression levels were assessed by flow cytometry after intracellular staining with monoclonal anti-HA antibody and normalized to MFI values obtained from CEM or K562 cells lacking exogenous HLA-B (labeled vec) infected with the BNLF2a-encoding retrovirus (A and C). Cell surface HLA-B was measured by flow cytometry after staining with W6/32. The MFI ratios in cells expressing or lacking BNLF2a were calculated (BNLF2a/vector) (n = 3 measurements for each HLA-B expressing CEM cells or K562 cells from one infection with BNLF2a-encoding retrovirus) (B and D).</p>