Quantitative analysis of cell migration

2020-02-14T15:24:20Z (GMT) by Aneta Gandalovicova
Quantitative analysis of cell migration. HT1080-icaRhoA cells (a) and HT1080 cells (b) were
embedded in rat-tail collagen (1mg/ml) with or without GM6001. 12 hours later, migration of
cells of the mesenchymal phenotype (HT1080-icaRhoA control, HT1080 DMSO) and amoeboid
phenotype (HT1080-icaRhoA doxycycline, HT1080 dasatinib) was monitored by wide-field
microscopy for 15 hours. Three independent experiments were evaluated. Track plots were
generated using Chemotaxis Tool in ImageJ. For each condition, one representative track plot
is shown. Relative differences in the mean length of the tracks were analyzed with two-way
ANOVA (replicate + treatment group) followed by Tukey's HSD test. Statistically significant
differences are marked with the respective p-values.




CC BY 4.0