Proposal of a model for sales and operations planning (S&OP) maturity evaluation

<div><p>Abstract A successful S&OP implementation can bring many benefits to organizations, and after its implementation, the S&OP process can evolve and reach higher levels of maturity. Considering that, only through a measurement system, goals and benefits can be achieved, thus, it is essential to assess S&OP maturity level. Many papers on literature adopt a quantitative perspective on S&OP, but just few of them deal with uncertainty present in S&OP decision-making, such as maturity model assessment process that carries subjectivity and uncertainty. Thus, this study proposes a decision making model based on fuzzy theory to evaluate and to categorize S&OP maturity levels and to suggest strategies to increase S&OP maturity. A pilot application was conducted in two manufacturing organizations that have implemented the S&OP process. The results, according to the performance presented, suggest different actions must be taken in terms of ensuring enablers to S&OP implementation.</p></div>