Propolis extract in tshe diet of weaned piglets

<div><p>ABSTRACT: This study was conducted to assess the use of propolis ethanolic extract as an alternative to performance-enhancing antibiotics for piglets. Seventy piglets weaned at 21 days of age, with initial weights of 7.3±0.4kg and final weights of 24.9±1.2kg, were randomly assigned to five diets: positive control (diet with 200ppm antibiotic); negative control (diet without growth promoter); and diets with 100, 500, and 1,000ppm of brown propolis ethanolic extract, with seven replicates of two piglets each. The duration of the experimental period was 35 days. The diets did not influence (P>0.05) daily feed intake, daily weight gain, final weight, and feed conversion of animals. The bacteriological profile of the nasal swab presented a predominance of gram-positive bacteria commonly associated with the mucous membranes in all samples. Rectal swabs did not present atypical bacterial isolates. The use of ethanolic propolis extract in diets did not alter the performance of weaned piglets, nor did it affect the bacteriological profile, fecal score, or the occurrence of diarrhea in piglets.</p></div>