Prokaryote metabolism activity

2018-07-16T20:15:10Z (GMT) by Lori Biederman

I wrote this activity to emphasize that prokaryotic organisms can carry out 6 different types of metabolisms (as presented in Freeman’s Biological Science textbook) and this contrasts to eukaryotes, which can only use 2 metabolism pathways (photoautotroph and heterotroph). 


For in class materials I remove the  red box (upper right corner) and print slides 3-10, place them back-to-back and laminate them.  The students get a key (slide 2) and a two-sided organism sheet.  They are instructed to answer the questions based on the info provided.


After class the slides (with the red box restored) are provided on-line as a pdf so they can use to prepare for the exam.  Exam questions are taken from sheets: for example, the students may be given the picture and notes about Thaumarchaeota and asked “This organism would be considered a….  (a) prokaryote (b) eukaryote (c) fungi (d) chordate” 

If you have questions or improvements to this activity please email me 

Lori Biederman

Iowa State University