Production of CoQ<sub>10</sub> in fission yeast by expression of genes responsible for CoQ<sub>10</sub> biosynthesis

<div><p>Coenzyme Q<sub>10</sub> (CoQ<sub>10</sub>) is essential for energy production and has become a popular supplement in recent years. In this study, CoQ<sub>10</sub> productivity was improved in the fission yeast <i>Schizosaccharomyces pombe</i>. Ten CoQ biosynthetic genes were cloned and overexpressed in <i>S. pombe</i>. Strains expressing individual CoQ biosynthetic genes did not produce higher than a 10% increase in CoQ<sub>10</sub> production. In addition, simultaneous expression of all ten <i>coq</i> genes did not result in yield improvements. Genes responsible for the biosynthesis of <i>p</i>-hydroxybenzoate and decaprenyl diphosphate, both of which are CoQ biosynthesis precursors, were also overexpressed. CoQ<sub>10</sub> production was increased by overexpression of <i>Eco_ubiC</i> (encoding chorismate lyase), <i>Eco_aroF</i><sup><i>FBR</i></sup> (encoding 3-deoxy-d-<i>arabino</i>-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase), or <i>Sce_thmgr1</i> (encoding truncated HMG-CoA reductase). Furthermore, simultaneous expression of these precursor genes resulted in two fold increases in CoQ<sub>10</sub> production.</p></div>