Preparation and properties of laterally multifluorinated benzoxazole-based nematic mesogens

<p>Series of laterally multifluorinated heterocyclic compounds, 2-(2ʹ,3-difluoro-4ʹ-alkoxy-1,1ʹ-biphenyl-4-yl)-benzoxazole derivatives (nPF(2)PF(3)Bx), are prepared and characterised. They mainly display enantiotropic nematic mesophases with wider mesophase ranges of 12–107°C (heating process) and 22–134°C (cooling process) than the corresponding analogues. The enhanced nematic mesophase stability is achieved via slightly increasing inter-ring twist angle with inter-ring lateral fluorine substitute in biphenyl unit, as well as through improving the molecular polarity with multifluorine substitutes. Meanwhile, two inter-ring lateral fluorine atoms lead to a decrease in melting/clearing points and a wide nematic mesophase range, which makes it possible for heterocyclic mesogens nPF(2)PF(3)Bx to use in nematic liquid crystal display mixtures.</p>