Predicting species identity of bumblebees through analysis of flight buzzing sounds

<p>We present a study of buzzing sounds of several common species of bumblebees, with the focus on automatic classification of bumblebee species and types. Such classification is useful for bumblebee monitoring, which is important in view of evaluating the quality of their living environment and protecting the biodiversity of these important pollinators. We analysed natural buzzing frequencies for queens and workers of 12 species. In addition, we analysed changes in buzzing of <i>Bombus hypnorum</i> worker for different types of behaviour. We developed a bumblebee classification application using machine learning algorithms. We extracted audio features from sound recordings using a large feature library. We used the best features to train a classification model, with Random Forest proving to be the best training algorithm on the testing set of samples. The web and mobile application also allows expert users to upload new recordings that can be later used to improve the classification model and expand it to include more species.</p>