Poster: Implementing Transitive Credit with JSON-LD

2014-11-10T18:48:01Z (GMT) by Daniel S. Katz Arfon Smith
<p>This is a poster submitted to Force 2015 ( and also used as a slide for a lightning talk at WSSSPE2 (  It discussed a possible method for implementing an idea called transitive credit, which would help distribute credit for scientific products further down the stack than is now done.</p> <p> </p> <p>The abstract for the paper that goes with this slide is:</p> <p>Science and engineering research increasingly relies on activities that facilitate research but are not currently rewarded or recognized, such as: data sharing; developing common data resources, software and methodologies; and annotating data and publications. To promote and advance these activities, we must develop mechanisms for assigning credit, facilitate the appropriate attribution of research outcomes, devise incentives for activities that facilitate research, and allocate funds to maximize return on investment. In this article, we focus on addressing the issue of assigning credit for both direct and indirect contributions, specifically by using JSON-LD to implement a prototype transitive credit system.</p>