Place avoidance parameters in SC and GST-PRW rats.

Passive and active place avoidance parameters in different trials for normal rabbit IgG exposed rats (-●-; SC group; n = 8) and GST-PRW rats exposed to FRα Ab (-○-; GST-PRW group; n = 6). Inability of the GST-PRW rats to learn the passive place avoidance (Panels A and B) and the active place avoidance (Panels C and D) is evident from the lack of a decrease in number of entrances and the shocks received along with lack of a decrease in time to first entry in subsequent trials. Median values for each parameter are reported. *Different from the SC group (P < 0.05). †The first trial (in the control group) was different from the rest of the trials (P < 0.05). Bonferroni correction was applied to the P values for multiple comparisons.