Physicochemical Properties, Permeability and Bioavailability of Geraniin and Geraniin-Phospholipid Complex

2017-06-22T04:49:37Z (GMT) by SUMITA ELENDRAN
Geraniin has been credited with a range of bioactive properties and therefore merits greater research into its potential pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications. To clarify its functionalities and to explore future applications, a more comprehensive understanding of geraniin; its physiochemical, permeability, bioavailability and pharmacokinetic properties has become necessity. In light of geraniin’s anticipated poor bioavailability and to be considered as an oral drug candidate, effective formulations was attempted to enhance the bioavailability of geraniin. Here, we report the enhanced bioavailability of geraniin through a phospholipid based formulation (phyto-phospholipid complex) which may be of interest to nutritionists, food technologists and consumers in general.