Photos, Ada Lovelace Day for Schools, 2014

2016-06-14T14:45:03Z (GMT) by Suw Charman-Anderson
<p>Ada Lovelace Day for Schools was held at The Royal Institution on the afternoon of 13 October. It featured:  </p><p>- Roma Agrawal, structural engineer <br>- Sarah Angliss, composer, multi-instrumentalist and roboticist<br>- Rachel Armstrong, Professor of Experimental Architecture at the University of Newcastle <br>- Dr Hannah Fry, mathematician at University College London<br>- Dr Tori Herridge, paleontologist specialising in dwarf elephants at the Natural History Museum, c0-founder of TrowelBlazers<br>- Prof Sophie Scott, neuroscientist and Wellcome Trust senior fellow at University College London<br>- Helen Arney, comedian and long-time ALD Live! compère</p> <p>All photographs by Paul Clarke, sponsored by Nokia Lumia. If you would like to use any of these photos, please credit Ada Lovelace Day, Nokia Lumia and Paul Clarke. </p>