Photos, Ada Lovelace Day Live! 2014

2016-06-14T14:44:46Z (GMT) by Suw Charman-Anderson

Ada Lovelace Day Live! 2014, our annual ‘science cabaret’ in celebration of women in STEM, was held at The Royal Institution on the evening of 14 October. It featured: 

- Dr Helen Czerski, physicist and oceanographer at University College London.
- Roma Agrawal, structural engineer
- Dr Turi King, geneticist
- Dr Hannah Fry, mathematician at University College London
- Caro C, electronic musician, sound engineer and co-founder of Delia Derbyshire Day.
- Konnie Huq, television presenter, writer, and mathematics enthusiast
- Naomi Kashiwagi, award winning artist and performer
- Steph Troeth, user experience researcher and designer
- Helen Arney, comedian and long-time ALD Live! compère

All photographs by Paul Clarke, sponsored by Nokia Lumia. If you would like to use any of these photos, please credit Ada Lovelace Day, Nokia Lumia and Paul Clarke.