Persistent gamma oscillations in vitro: Utah array data from macaque temporal cortex

<p>The zip file contains a 21-second segment of a Utah array recording from macaque temporal neocortex in vitro (data collected by Matt Ainsworth), saved as a .mat file. Nanomolar kainate solution was applied to induce persistent gamma oscillations. Data sampled at 10kHz. The raw data are included, organised into a 100 by 210000 matrix (100 channels, 210000 samples per channel). For description of the experimental setup and array placement, see Tomsett et al. 2014 (link below, open access - if you use this data in a publication, please cite that paper!).<br><br>The zip file also contains a matlab script to analyse the data and reproduce figure 9A from that paper. This script performs several filtering and normalisation operations on the data. It requires the Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox to work.<br><br>EDIT: updated the analysis file; original uplaod did not band-pass filter the data<br> </p>