Performance measurement systems in the construction industry: an exploratory study in construction companies from Ceará, Brazil

<p></p><p>Abstract The aim of this paper is to identify opportunities to improve performance measurement systems in the construction industry by using a multiple case study conducted in four construction companies in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil. With that purpose, ten semi-structured interviews were carried out with managers at different hierarchical levels. In addition to the interviews, documents were collected to support the interview claims. Performance gaps were identified and, based on them, eleven measures were proposed to improve the companies' processes and to enhance the knowledge in performance measurement. The study concluded that PMS do not effectively contribute to the management of the companies because the information generated does not emphasize the actual performance gaps; neither do they offer a proactive management style that is capable of dealing with the demands of the market, which decreases the companies' competitiveness.</p><p></p>