Percentages of Students who knew about Rabies based on pre and post-tests of students in El Nido Elementary Schools, School Year 2012-13

The rabies education manual was used during the 2012 to 13 school year. It contains modules on rabies which teachers could integrate into Science and Health, Makabayan (Civics, Social Studies, Geography, and History), Filipino, English and Mathematics subjects for the different grade levels throughout the year. An assessment of the impact of the education program was conducted among students in 12 randomly selected elementary schools in the municipality. Pre- and post-intervention tests were conducted among a sample of the students to assess the impact of the education materials, testing the students’ knowledge of rabies, its transmission, dog bite prevention, dog bite management, and responsible pet ownership. The pre-tests were conducted in July 2012 while the post-tests were conducted in March 2013.