Penultimate Glacial Maximum Ice Margins

2017-09-26T00:28:58Z (GMT) by Fiona Hibbert
Penultimate Glacial Maximum (PGM) ice-sheet extents, mapping and dating information:

This is a compilation of glacio-morphological mapping and dating of the penultimate glaciation in Eurasia and North America. We only include sites where the authors specifically correlate glacial sediments or features to the PGM, where this is either identified as MIS 6 or Saalian/Illinoian glacial episodes.

We include any dating constraints (OSL, U-series, tephra or palaeomagnetic) of PGM glacial deposits. Note we make no assessment as to the reliability of the ages. Relative age control for glacial sediments has been achieved using the stratigraphic position of the glacial deposits relative to interglacial deposits (e.g., U-series dated peats), tephra (e.g., the Old Crow tephra in North America provides an upper age limit for underlying glacial deposits) and palaeomagnetic excursions.

Supplement to:
Rohling*, Hibbert*, Williams* et al., 2017. Differences between the last two glacial maxima and implications for ice-sheet, δ18O, and sea-level reconstructions. Quaternary Science Reviews
(* = joint first authors)