Pemertahanan Bahasa Arab-Nusantara: Bagaimana Ekologi Memainkan Perannya

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posted on 08.06.2018 by Eric Kunto Aribowo
In the Middle East and North Africa (Arabian Peninsula), Arabic used as a means of daily communication can be classified into: fuṣḥā (High variety) and ‘āmiyyah (Low variety). Thousands miles from her origin, and after inhabiting the new area after hundreds years, Arabic evolved and developed in such a way, so as to form a new variation, such as Arabic which is still used by the “muwallad” (community of Arab descents) in Nusantara. However, the forms are maintained to this day by the community is not something that happens for no reason. This paper offers a number of non-linguistic parameters (variables) relating to ecology (language environment) which supports Arabic language maintenance –which has evolved; mixed with local languages– are still constantly used by the community of Arab descents to the present.