Pattern of <i>brorin</i> expression in zebrafish embryos.

<p>(A) Amplification of <i>brorin</i> by RT-PCR at the indicated stages (the lower panel shows <i>ef1α</i> as a control). (B-K) Expression of <i>brorin</i> in zebrafish embryos at the indicated stages as detected by whole-mount <i>in situ</i> hybridization. B-D, F, H, and J are lateral views, anterior to the left; E is the ventral view; G and I are dorsal views; K is the frontal view. Arrows in panels D and H indicate the pituitary gland. Arrows in panels E and I indicate the olfactory placode. ac, anterior commissure; di, diencephalon primordium; hb, hindbrain; hy, hypothalamus; mb, midbrain; p, prethalamus; pt, posterior tuberculum; te, telencephalon.</p>