Patch-clamp investigation of the optochemokine tandem in cell attached configuration at 34°C.

<p>The pipette solution was supplemented with 50 nM SDF1α. <b>a.</b> Typical current trace recorded at an applied membrane potential of -100 mV. Light-dependent signal of tCXCR4/CatCh directly after the sealing process and 30 min later. During that time the cell was illuminated every two minutes for 100 ms. <b>b.</b> Time course of the relative tCXCR4/CatCh current in presence of SDF1α (square, 5 cells) or SDF1α and the inhibitor AMD3100 (triangle, 3 cells), and CatCh in presence of SDF1α (circle, 4 cells). Mean values are given, bars represent the standard error.</p>